Top 10 Best Action Games for Android Phones

Mobile gaming is developing just as fast as console and PC gaming to deliver the best experience for players all across the globe. Android OS has become a platform for thousands of incredible titles that revolutionized the genre of mobile games. Action is one of the most popular themes of video games in general, and portable devices are no exception. Modern technologies allow enjoying fantastic titles on Android-based phones and tablets.

The Top Action Titles on Android Devices

Even though mobile phones are yet to deliver the insane graphics of console titles, mobile gaming has come a really long way. There are exclusive mobile and Android games as well as portable versions of popular desktop titles. Gamers can enjoy plenty of options when it comes to free and paid games on Play Market. Here are some of the most well-received titles on Android gadgets up to date:

Call of Duty – this famous shooter is known everywhere and has millions of fans. Mobile players can also enjoy this incredible action-packed game for free. In-game items can be purchased with real cash, but the entire title is free.

Dead Cells – this is a Metroidvania with a stunning pixel art style and quick gameplay. Originally released for PC, this game costs 25 bucks, but its mobile version is only 9 dollars.

Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night – another treat for Metroidvania fans, this title is a true icon in the genre. Produced by one of the authors of actual Castlevania, it was destined to be incredible. Mobile gamers can enjoy it for just ten dollars.

Brawl Stars – an incredibly fun combat-style game is the definition of exciting mobile gameplay. It is free to download, so anyone can enjoy its fun fights and vibrant characters.

Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder – another great RPG title available across all possible platforms is also accessible on Android. Portable gamers can play it for only 8 dollars.

Into the Dead 2 – in case you like fighting zombies, this is a game for you. Download this title for free and enjoy the action.

Among Us – everybody knows this insanely popular game that can be played with friends or strangers online. It is completely free of charge, so you can simply download it and start looking for an impostor.

Dragon Ball Legends – fans of this iconic anime, anime in general, or simply fighting games enjoyers will find this title to be extremely entertaining. It is also free but allows purchasing certain items in-game.

PUBG – this is the OG battle royale title that set the standard for numerous games that came afterward. The majority of features available in console and desktop games are also included in the portable version.

Xenowerk – this shooter and dungeon crawler mix is everything that you can possibly want from an action game. Plus, it is also free.

New titles are released every day, but the ones mentioned above are truly some of the best options when it comes to mobile play.