10 Facts about Minecraft You Should Know

It is difficult to overestimate the impact of Minecraft on the gaming industry. If you ask anyone who is not even a gaming fan to name a few popular video games, the answer will most likely include Minecraft – a game that has become cult-favorite entertainment.

On the 18th of November 2021, the legend celebrated its tenth anniversary. In connection with the decade of Minecraft, it is time to get familiar with 10 facts about the game, which every fan should know.

There are several versions of the game, but the original is Java

The version of Minecraft most people are used to is Bedrock. However, the original game created by the Mojang team was written in Java. Thus, Minecraft: Java Edition is the version presented on the 18th of November 2011.

The game has 4 separate spin-offs

Such a popular game just could not fail to get at least one spin-off. The most prominent of 4 spin-offs is Telltales Minecraft Story. The other three are Minecraft Earth, Minecraft Classic, and the newest Minecraft Dungeons.

The development of the game was openly discussed

As a rule, video game developers keep secret the development of a new game to arouse the curiosity of gamers. Yet, Minecraft developers were very open about the process. They talked about different stages and desired results on forums.

The game struck it lucky

According to the developers’ opinion, the success of Minecraft can be attributed to total luck because the development was based on sheer intuition.

The first version of Minecraft was created in six days

One of the most unusual facts about the game is that the development period was quite short – 6 days only. However, the game was considered completely finished two years after the presentation.

Minecraft worlds are not actually endless

The endlessness of Minecraft worlds is one of the most common misconceptions among gamers. The game has block height and depth restrictions, which are not strict, though. That is why the game world seems to have no limits.

Creepers were just a coding mistake at first

As you know, sometimes good things happen by accident. Famous Minecraft creepers are a great example of this statement. Thus, one of the iconic game symbols was created due to a bug in the game code. Initially, a creeper was a model of a pig.

The ghast sound was borrowed from a developer’s cat

The virtual world has more real-life features than it may seem. The ghast sound effect is what it is thanks to a cat. The sound was recorded by accident when a developer’s cat woke up and stretched making strange sounds, which later became the prototype of the famous sound from the game.

Developers drew inspiration from a variety of video games

Infiniminer, Dungeon Keeper, and RollerCoaster Tycoon are the games that influenced Minecraft developers the most.

Minecraft sometimes spells its own name incorrectly

If a gamer has entered the game more than 10.000 times, its name in the menu will appear with a spelling error.