10 Best Video Games for Couples

It is so important for couples to find an activity that can become a hobby for both of them. What’s wrong with gaming serving as that kind of thing? Even if one of you is not a gaming fan, playing together could grow into one of your favorite amusements. All you need to do is to select a game appropriate for couples.

These top 10 video games are:

  1. Limbo
  2. Portal 2
  3. To the Moon
  4. Undertale
  5. Mortal Kombat
  6. Journey
  7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  8. TES V: Skyrim
  9. Super seducer 1/2
  10. Lego games


It is one of the most atmospheric games on the list. Its unusual black and white design immerses you in the game world completely. The plot is built around a dangerous journey of a boy who is looking for his sister, and it is difficult to leave the game until you help him since it is impossible not to feel sympathy for the main character.

Portal 2

The second version of Portal is a great choice to introduce your partner to video gaming. It is an amusing and sarcastic game, which excites the audience with interesting riddles.

To the Moon

Playing this game is like being inside a movie with a touching plot and deep meaning. The plot follows two doctors who travel through the memories of a dying man, trying to fulfill his last wish.


Extraordinariness is the word that can characterize the game the best. Vivid characters, well-aimed humor, and atmospheric music make the game universal and attractive to gamers with different tastes.

Mortal Kombat

Well, how could we miss out on the classics? Many complain about an overabundance of blood and violence in the game. However, visiting such a brutal virtual world can work as a good way to relieve stress.


The design of the game is a true piece of art. The game is especially appreciated by arthouse fans. But a long fascinating journey through a desert to discover where it leads can become a great amusement for anyone.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

It is one of those games that are called versatile. It can give you everything, including apt humor, bright characters, original tasks, romance, danger, adventures, and, of course, saving the world.

TES V: Skyrim

The game world is a virtual universe, which is enjoyable to study. The excellent detailing makes the landscapes mesmerizing. Most gamers want to come back there again and again.

Super Seducer 1/2

The game teeters on the brink of cinema and gaming. In spite of the pompous name, it is created to make you laugh heartily at the absurdity and pretense found in both parts. It’s the best choice to relax and unwind.

Lego Games

Lego is the solution for those who do not want to delve into complex stories. These games allure the audience with simplicity and a special ambiance, as they are based on your favorite movie franchises, including Harry Potter, Marvel Super Heroes, Star Wars, and others.