10 Facts About Video Games and Brain Changes

Although video bubble games weren’t born yesterday, there are still a lot of things unknown about them. As soon as one research on the topic is completed, the next one begins. This creates nice breeding grounds for the growth of myths about the games.

In fairness, not all the myths are groundless, and some disturbing facts are even scientifically proven. However, most of the popular beliefs are just fiction.

Thus, a large number of people get used to demonizing video games without even understanding anything about them. Their main argument boils down to some negative impacts exerted by gaming.

Of course, video games influence the brain as any other activity, but who says that the effect could be negative only?

Let’s get familiar with 10 facts about the non-obvious benefits of video games and positive brain changes:

  • Slowing brain aging
  • Acceleration of decision making
  • Advancement of social adaptation abilities
  • Learning ability development
  • Hand-eye coordination improvement
  • Better focusing
  • Depression treatment
  • Help in keeping fit
  • Memory training
  • Relationship problem solution

Slowing Brain Aging

It is possible to keep the brain fit similarly to the body. Video gaming is something like physical education for the brain. A study by the Iowa State University proved that ten hours of computer gaming over 5-8 weeks is enough to offset the effects of brain aging that took place in 2-6 years.

Acceleration of Decision Making

Games that require attention to objects suddenly appearing and disappearing in peripheral vision greatly improve the so-called "low-level perception" and really accelerate decision making.

Advancement of Social Adaptation Abilities

Many games make gamers communicate with each other, and cybersport encourages them to team up. People feel more comfortable when topics become clear to the brain through discussion.

Learning Ability Development

Players who are good at fast-paced games, which require constant engagement, are also capable of excelling in their studies.

Hand-Eye Coordination Improvement

Have you ever heard about training equipment for doctors or pilots? Well, it is always easier to pass the task on such a simulator for experienced gamers.

Better Focusing

Games teach us to identify patterns and notice details.

Depression Treatment

Games cannot replace a full-scale treatment, but they can become a part of it like sports activities or meditation.

Help in Keeping Fit

Active video games, such as Wii Fit, are used in rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. They give the same load on the body as walking at a speed of 5 km/h.

Memory Training

Every video game offers a new universe with its own rules, which you need to remember, and details, which you need to consider while playing.

Relationship Problem Solution

What is the connection between relationships and brain changes? The point is that video games give the brain a rest and reboot. So, a gaming round after a quarrel is a great solution to let off some steam instead of taking it out on a partner.